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Whimsical Twit

A silly-happy place full of Rey

I'm a person. A real person. And I like things. Lots of things actually. I have a terrible memory, alternate between being very slothful and hyperactive and impulsive, and I'm nearly pitch-deaf (that's just something that's been bothering me a lot lately. It's not a staple of my 'here are some facts about me' spiel). (I also tend to insert lots of asides in my writing. This one I dedicate to all the people out there who hate having to read through stupid asides.) Almost anytime I'm doing anything do to with this journal, I have some kind of assessment or work due. And, don't expect frequent posting. In fact, don't expect any posting at all. Then you can be (un)pleasantly surprised, depending on whether or not you like reading random dribble about my life. And, I like starting sentences with 'and' just to annoy grammar nazis.