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I make verbal typos. Like, that thing where I swap two words in a sentence without realizing. Or when I somehow pronounce words as if a letter was missing/added/swapped/wrong.

1. I was just talking to myself (I do this constantly btw, even when I'm typing or reading, or um.. listening to people >_>)
2. I was telling myself how nothing I say makes sense
3. I said (TO MYSELF) 'Nothing I make says sense.'

I am quite retarded.

AARGH dead mouse germs =(

I was so tired when I got home from work today (at 7:30, when I supposedly finish at 5) that I headed straight for my bed to collapse on it. Just before reaching my destination, I remembered what I had been doing at work. Namely, dissecting mouse embryos for 4 hours (amongst other things). And as I have yet to figure out how to move plates of liquid medium around without spilling it everywhere and leaving a trail behind me like some macabre version of Hansel and Gretel, I had naturally spilt some medium down my leg. Medium that embryos had been dissected in.


I think I may eventually get to the stage where I have to ethanol all of my stationery and books before I feel comfortable touching them. It might be more efficient to just ethanol myself. Hmm... a career in science leads to saturation in alcohol? Should make a study about that-NO. Sigh. That is my catch phrase nowadays. Suggesting studies about things people say. No wonder I don't have any friends. But I do have cake. It is true, the dark side does give you cookies (/cake).

Um.. oh dear.

I probably hate myself subconsciously. Otherwise, why do I keep not doing work until the very last possible moment and then feel like killing myself? And promise not to do it again, but I DO do it again but even WORSE. Is this like some kind of sick challenge I am posing to myself? Congratulations, you somehow miraculously managed to submit on time with only 10 hours, proceed to next level: 6 hours. NO. STOP THIS, ME. IT'S NOT FUN ANYMORE. ARGHHH. Although.. if fun is directly proportional to amount of procrastination, then, yes, I suppose I am having more 'fun'. I am also having more risk of heart attack/hair loss/self-dismemberment/spontaneous implosion.

See?! My face is now bleeding! Although that is also because i just scratched it. And yes, I do realise that I am continuing to not do work, while complaining about not doing work.

I was doing so much not-work that I even did some maths. Which I am an official hater of, so that's some pretty heavy procrastination.
I appear to write essays at a rate of 200 words/9 hours. Yes, that's all I've done in two entire days. Although I discount the first day because I was researching. Well, I was meant to be.  At this rate, I should finish this essay in about 5 days. At which point, I will automatically fail. Sooo.. yeah, OMFFGFWIEOIWENUWEU  ...I really do hate myself.

It would not surprise me if I have done the maths wrong, nor would any sort of result really motivate me. I am in that state of mind where I am simultaneously *silently freaking out because I have not done any work*, *tired from all the uninterrupted not work I have done for the last entire day* and *fuck it, I have no idea what I'm talking about anyway so let's just go to sleep*.

An interesting time to suddenly want to be a vet student again. Which are generally the most hardworking students on campus. Sigh. Back to not working T_T I need some kind of.. instead of energy drinks, I need a drink that can give me motivation and pure buttkicking so I can go and be hardworking like I used to be. This is actually a reason I want to switch to vet - I might actually be motivated to study and learn and actually enjoy my subjects. Maybe. Or maybe I'm just a lazyass allround. F*** ME.

New stuffs! :3

I has a new toothbrush! Hoorah! Like toothpaste, I have a habit of trying to use the old one for as long as possible, so.. let's just say, you really don't want to see my ex-toothbrush. It's gotten to the point where disgust > laziness, and my laziness is extremely high (over 9000?!).

These bristles are tougher than I'd expect from 'medium', although I do feel like my teeth are being well-cleaned for a change. Cleaned of things like gums D: Why do they make 'hard' toothbrushes? Are there people out there with gums of steel? Or just trying to be manly, when secretly they have prosthetic gums. And they'd have to brush those as well...

We also got a new monitor for the desktop. This is far less exciting, because it doesn't help the fact that the computer is still an awful lagpile (especially while gaming >_>), which is due to its miniscule amount of RAM. Yeah... I'll get to that one day. Also, the monitor is still pretty crappy. The only improvement is that it's flatter = more room on desk. Which is actually important, because of the massive piles of stuff crammed onto that desk. They're like sand dunes, shifting, growing, and occasionally falling over. OK, that sounds more like.. um... Jenga towers? I seem to be really bad at coming up with analogies these days. Damn, I need that to make a living.

Back to my obsession with PWI now, heehee~ (why yes, yes it is exam period, what a coincidence)

EDIT: HEYY I just thought of something! When I'm being an ass, you can call me 'BREYYYY' HAHAHAHAHAHAH .....ok back to researching builds. Or maybe sleeping. OR BOTH CONCURRENTLY?!! okay nah. Sleep. Night worldie~

Is it just me?

I just heard the following conversation in the corridor:

Mum: Don't you think that fish looks like it doesn't have any eyeballs?
Dad: Oh, really?
Mum: Yeah, look at it's eyes, they're so big, but it looks like there's no eyeballs.
Dad: If it's blind how can it eat?
Mum: Well, maybe it's blind, but it can smell the food.

At this point i just couldn't help it and laughed extremely loudly. Both parents came to see what was wrong with me. After explaining (in between giggles), they came to the conclusion that I had gone crazy and left me alone.  This is actually fairly normal procedure in this house.  Is there something wrong with me? Is listening to a discussion about whether a certain goldfish has eyeballs or not, in fact, not funny at all?

While I was typing this, mum came in and caused me to start laughing again.

Mum: I was right!  It actually doesn't have eyeballs! Actually, one eye does, and one eye doesn't. I suspected this for a long time, so I asked your dad to take a look at it. No, really! Go have a look!

Maybe it's just because I'm quite tired, really sick, and totally fucked for all my assessments due in the next week. Yeah...

"It has no eyeballs!" LOL (my mum keeps coming in to say that in the hope that I will laugh loudly and spray my tea all over my computer)


whusch! Wikipedia on the Art of Reentry

I don't know if it's just me, or that it's 2am in the morning (isn't it always), but I just cannot stop laughing at this.

"In 1979, Skylab reentered uncontrolled, spreading debris across the Australian Outback, damaging several buildings and killing a cow."

It's all in the last three words really.  Maybe it's also because I'm imagining this cow with a peaceful zoned-out expression suddenly taking a piece of space lab to the head. It goes on:

"The city of Esperance, Western Australia, issued a fine for littering to the United States, which was finally paid 30 years later."

LITTERING. LOL. I'm imagining a little kid personification of NASA dropping their hi-tech lunch wrapper on the ground and being called out for it by the bogan country kid. Naturally NASA declines to pay the fine, but it is paid 30 years later by listeners of an amused American radio show host.

How did I end up reading about this? Not through a multitude of wikipedia links, but that is actually the page I initially wanted - atmospheric reentry. Just prepping for my imminent spaceflight, the good old in-depth consult-wikipedia way.  No, I was actually trying to make a nice pun to do with reentry and burning and my current reentry into life after being sick and ignoring all responsibilities for a few weeks. This has yet to be accomplished, but along the way, I discovered that spaceflight IS imminent. I mean, spaceflight purely to suck money out of space-tourists. Spaceflight is soon going to be part of the tourism industry, if all goes according to Virgin Galactic's plan. Virgin Galactic sounds like an evil organization from Pokemon.

Anyway, this is probably old news, and I don't really care, because I have trouble understanding why anyone would /want/ to go on one of these spaceflights.  The only cool thing about this is the aircraft. SpaceShipOne and White Knight are freaking AWESOME.  I also think that those names are cooler than VSS Enterprise, VSS Voyager (very original...), VMS Eve or VMS Spirit of Steve Fossett (??!). Actually VMS Eve is a nice name for a mothership. Named after Richard Branson's mother.

Anyway, I'm going back to reading those two sentences over and over again and giggling hysterically. Don't mind me.

Why are my calves so fat?

Seriously, are young cows meant to be so... er, wide? They eat an average amount for their age, and they do plenty of wandering around - maybe I should set them some kind of exercise regimen?

<insert image of fat cow doing sit-ups>

LOL JK I don't have any cows, let alone baby ones, I am a poor student that lives in a highly urban environment. I like cows though.

I do have plenty of body-related things to whine about. Calves being one of them. And I mean the flexor compartment of my leg. I could whine about fat thighs too, but I'm just more perplexed by how fat my calves are in proportion to them, or the rest of me. I don't know... is this because I sit in my chair all day playing computer games? Do I have blocked drainage down there? Did my muscles just grow for some indiscernible reason? Yes, I do get very paranoid about most aspects of my body... yes, this includes 'omfg am i pregnant?' and 'i swear my right eye is smaller! is it cos i can only wink with my right eye?' and 'if i shut my jaw like this, hopefully this will force all my teeth to shuffle to the left by a fraction of a millimetre'

Although, that's not what I wanted to whine about in this post either. I've had this wart on the side of my hand for... ages, at least six months. I don't remember when I first noticed it, I just gradually started picking at it until this blister-like thing formed. At one point I thought it was an embedded splinter and dug around with a sharp object. Didn't find anything. Was probably not that hygienic.

Anyway, my med student friend notices and identifies it as a wart. At first, I kept getting 'wart' confused with 'mole'...
'Hey, my mole seems to be getting better'
'You have a mole? Btw, how's your wart?'
Yeah, making myself sound stupid is one of my special talents.

So, the usual treatment for a wart is that your GP will freeze it off with liquid nitrogen. Med student friend and I (probably somewhat illegally) try some dry ice. Dry ice is cool - 1) it smokes 2) it cold-burns when you leave it on your skin for a few seconds
Dry ice burns are very distinct from heat/fire burns - it's somewhere in between being stabbed and being set on fire (but only in that tiny area of skin that the dry ice is touching). Possibly not /that/ painful. But that kind of pain. And the pain has this... distinct smell or flavour or something that you can detect... a sort of... yellow feeling?... ok never mind, that's probably just me.

Weird sensations aside, dry ice didn't fix the wart problem. So, one day, the same med student forces me to buy some wart medicine. I kept saying that I didn't mind having this lump on the side of my hand, and it wasn't growing, so I'll just leave it alone. His argument was that warts are infectious, and if you don't buy the wart medicine, I'll buy it for you. Wart medicine is basically acid. You put the acid on the wart, the wart dies. SImple. The box also has all these instructions like using donut-shaped plaster around it so you don't kill the surrounding cells with the acid too... meh. The surrounding cells gradually died a bit too. I'm sure [hoping] they'll grow back.

So a few months of acid doesn't really help either. I mean, changes happened, but the wart didn't appear to be ready to leave any time soon. It was probably laughing at our attempts to evict it. 'MUAHAHAHA YOU WILL NEVER BE RID OF MEEE *sips tea*'

I'm sorry, I have no idea what is wrong with me at this current moment. I think my brain's gone a bit funny, what with it being exam period and all. I do apologize.

What happened next with the wart? You are all clamouring to know. Well.. actually, at this point I had given up on the wart again (in other words, I said to it 'OK FINE, STAY THERE AND STFU'), but I had an upcoming GP appointment for my second shot of HepA vaccine.  Words were said, GP said 'brb', then returned with a smoking polystyrene cup and the biggest cotton bud I've ever seen in my life. I shouldn't have worried that he would tell me off for killing surrounding cells with improper acid application - he hit like, twice the area I did with his humongous cotton bud. With liquid nitrogen, which, by the way, makes this weird sizzling sound when it contacts your skin, and is also a lot more painful than I expected. Well, I wasn't really expecting pain, cos dry ice didn't really hurt at all, but that area of my skin hurt for the rest of the day, and for a few more days after that if I touched it.  The wart is also situated in such a place that I would not be able to write if it were on my right hand, but as it is I have lost the ability to wring things with strength. Like.. towels and things.

UM OKAY. SO I JUST FOUND THIS. A POST WHICH I WROTE 3 MONTHS AGO BUT FORGOT ABOUT. I remember now that I had to stop writing it because it was too long and I hadn't even talked about half of what I was going to talk about, so I was going to rewrite it. But I can't even remember what it was that I intended to go on to talk about. Or anything about that point in my life for that matter. So.. I'm just going to leave it like this. Oh, uh, yeah, the wart went away. :D (it is the 14th September 2010)


Ahah. Life.

Well, I've been very inactive lately. On LJ that is - I have been uber busy irl, although I am inclined to believe this busy-ness is largely due to my inability to get stuff done >_>.

I just wanted to bump the previous post off the top of the page because it is very uncharacteristic of me and breaks the laws of silly-happy reydom.  Unfortunately I don't have anything interesting to talk about either, so I'll just do what lj is meant for and have a little life ramble.

Firstly, UPDATE on the Apollo guitar thief - the main people involved on our side went out to nearby second-hand music stores the next morning and left descriptions of the guy and what had been stolen. Amazingly, the thief 'Daniel' actually attempts to sell all the pedals in one go a few hours later at one of these stores.  The store people stall him until he is arrested by police. Go guitar store people! They are actually sponsors of Apollo too. Doubly awesome. Case solved in under 24 hours. Big sighs of relief all round - except for 'Daniel', obviously. Sucker. Don't mess with Apollo.

Um...ok what have I been doing lately... been mostly eaten by organizing Apollo Camp and tutoring work... largely ignoring uni work... god I am probably going to fail microbiology*. And BMM (breadth subject - basically history of medicine, arts subject style). And possibly physiology - despite it being my best subject - because I keep not-turning up to it. And too much of that makes them fail you. And my last subject? Anatomy.. I don't know. I seem to be doing ok. Actually, I'm pretty bad at anatomy. i don't know how I am managing to do ok with it. And... I missed two lessons of wushu, and now I am really behind... and I have to DO WORK to catch-up. Wow, I thought this would be an activity on the side, now I'm being forced to treat it like another uni subject. With assessments. And knowledge requirement. -sadface-

Apollo is... well, I don't know. I love Apollo. I'm really happy that all these people who met on camp are leaving each other fb wall posts. With each wall post I feel a little sense of accomplishment, like camp accomplished something. But... lots to improve as well. Oh, I should write up the Camp Organizer's Guide like I said I would. (Hmm... I may have to organize the next camp very soon... but omg without MN?!) Oh... I REALLY need to work on that bloody website too. Anndd.. then there's all that about the lack of presidential candidates.  I would like to be the President of Apollo at some stage, I admit, but I also believe I'm not ready yet and I would far far prefer being the VP on the next committee.  That said, I would go for President to prevent someone who I believe will not do a good job from getting that position. Fusion... is like a personal battle right now. For a number of reasons. Well, maybe it's all really from one source, which branched out into many reasons?
And on a related note, to everyone who is trying to give me advice because they care about me, please understand that I'm not a rational person. I'm a stubborn bitch. So, I'm sorry, but I'm not changing my mind. I decided. My funeral if I got it wrong. I want to give everything I have for this, no regrets.

Well, this post is sort of breaking the rules too because it has too much life/whining and not enough random/lolfail, so, to balance out some of that drivel up there:
I smashed the ceiling light in my bathroom.  Without touching it. I... I flipped the switch on the wall. And the light, instead of turning on, fell out of the ceiling and smashed into a billion pieces on the floor. Yeah. I jumped and yelled and stuff that you do when things break loudly and expectedly, but I was mostly in a state of shock actually, 'WTF LIGHT YOU ARE NOT MEANT TO DO THAT'.

Oh, also. In Vivo (<3) is singing Guy Love (<3) (from Scrubs). =D

*For the first time in a very long time... probably at least since uni started, I felt a genuine pang of fear that I might have failed the midsemester test as I was looking up my results. 33/40. Whew. There was far too much guesswork involved though. I am terrible at microbiology.


Well. Today was a suitably shitty day. Isn't it funny how shit tends to accumulate and all happen in the one day? Maybe having shit happen in your day makes everything else seem shittier as well.

Final day of O-week tabling for Apollo. Also day of Jazz Band performance (for CMG - friendly cross-promotion).  Which I was not happy about in the first place due to last minute recruitment as drummer, me being a terrible drummer, having TWO rehearsals before the day, and jazz band being super pro while I suck.

Shitty point - lugging tons of shit around. Heavy shit. In sweltering weather. With only Tan (hero! due my lack of muscles >_>) to help. And by the time we even got this stuff to the stage (OTHER SIDE OF FRICKING UNI WRYY) our performance was meant to have started. So I was late, had to set up and soundtest shit during our very limited set time, and was so so sweaty and hot. In a bad way. I felt like taking my pants off. And I was still a shitty drummer. But we got cool lanyards from CMG that said 'Band'. I love lanyards which make you look important.

During performance - haha, well, I sucked, no surprises there, but our awesome amazing bassist also broke a string in the middle of the performance. The E string. The lowest and most important string. -_-" So Fever bassline sounded quite weird. And we had to cut Chicken - my favourite song (from my limited time with jazz band), due to time and lack of working bass.

Setdown wasn't too bad... well, I think that might have to do with the lack of time constraints and pending shitty performance. Got free BBQ food for lunch. And free drinks (ty biomed bbq~) We then hung around CMG's stall, chatting, saxing, chilling and not getting much recruiting done. =D Awesome fun though. Oh, and there was a stall handing out free, ice-cold minicans of coke zero. Note, it was still very very hot weather.  I ended up taking over 15 cans from them over the course of the day (I only drank about 3 myself, handed out the rest to Apollo/band/CMG peeps).  Good fun that was.

Thennn... shit happened. Got back to med common room to chill, MN calls shep rcs about accommodation. Well, shit. Looks like the chances of us getting accomm from them is just about zero. My mind - 'We're FUCKED.'  Sigh.  There are options, of course. But, well, lots of hard work (lots MORE) ahead. And time is very very very short. Fuuuck. I guess the only plus is that I've worked out a rough itinerary and food plan for camp. GRARHGHF fucking accommodation FUCK afjuhier makes my life so much harder.  And I already had a mini-breakdown two days ago. I have no idea how I'm going to survive. Probably would help to do my work instead of lj right now. But I need to vent. More shit to come~~~ fuckers.

Then we had Apollo meeting.  I guess the events of the day, and lack of sleep lately, made me quite irritable. I was quite a bit more... forthright and bossy than I normally am XD. I'm sure quite a few people would say that's a good thing. Anyway, meeting was progressing, and a few people had left the room for various reasons - phone calls, etc. Suddenly, Ant bursts into the room, gestures frantically at MN to follow him, and they both run off. The rest of us sit there, a bit stunned, but continue our discussions. About two minutes later, Ant bursts into the room again, and does the same thing to Matt To.  There might be a reason Ant would want to talk to MN immediately outside of the room, cos MN is Apollo president and all, but Ant barely even knows Matt To. Completely baffled, I run out as well.

Through the ensuing confusion and people running around, it's established that we've just been stolen from. Our store room, full of all our equipment and personal equipment belonging to rock band members, had been unlocked during our meeting. It's common to leave it unlocked when we're only a few metres away, but I guess all of us being inside another room with the door closed isn't really effective supervision of the store room. At this point, there are people out running around trying to find this guy, but I stayed in the basement, along with about half the committee, to watch our stuff and the store room.  People have also alerted security.

In any case, what happened was that some guy was in our store room, took one of the guitars, wrapped it in jeans (wtf?!) and put it in the case of the other guitar, stuffed all the guitar FX pedals in his backpack, and walked out with backpack and guitars. Jie, who just happened to be outside the room for a moment (that particular moment!!) noticed him, and thought she recognised the guitar case. She asked to see the case, the guy put it down, and while Jie was opening and checking the case, he disappeared. Upon realising the guitars belonged to the guitarists of her band, she attempted to give chase, but the guy was gone. At some point she must have also alerted Ant. The reason Ant alerted Matt To was because he was one of the guitarists.  They are so lucky to have gotten their guitars back, although they did lose over $1000 worth of pedals all up. This was such a FUCKING HELL moment to cap off the day.  And poor Jie keeps beating herself up about what she did - she keeps thinking over how she should have acted differently to save the pedals or even catch the guy. Hey, getting the guitars back at all is pretty amazing, given the situation. Guitars are a lot more important than pedals anyway. But. Sigh. Shitty all round.

Well, other stuff happened after that, I got home late, I have to teach class in 6-7 hours which I am yet to prep for, but I got hit with my final dose of shitty when I got home and checked my email. Human Structure and Function lecture changed from Wed 11am to Mon 4:15. Well, fuck. Thanks for making my previously quite satisfactory timetable suddenly quite shitty. ARGH. If tomorrow is just as shitty (quite a feat lol), I may well shoot something. Maybe myself.


exposed ;_;

So, liek, some random, exoscopy , tagged me for this meme:

A. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag seven people to do the same.
C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it."

Firstly, EXOOO WHATAREYOUDOING don't tag me I don't exist I am not real tagging me is baaddd. They'll find me. They'll hunt me down. They'll know who i AM. *cries* (why would you DO that caaaarrl) Also, this is the suckiest meme I have ever seen. What happened to random questioning? This meme is just... do what you normally do in your lj, except number it and stop at seven. But I submit to the machine:

1. Food. I like eating it. In fact, I eat food every single day. Even as I type this, I am stuffing my face with a banana. Erm... no, no, that does not in any way sound wrong.... NOT MY FAULT BANANAS ARE PENIS SHAPED.  Yeah, anyway. I like almost all food, with the exception of spicy/chilli food. I avoid food that is even mildly spicy. Because I am wussy. I like eating fruit and vegetables because they taste good.  I like meat too, but if I didn't I would be a vegetarian purely out of my love for non-meat food. I'm a vegivore. That doesn't even make sense and I don't care.

2. Sleep. I like this too. However, for most of the year when I have classes/commitments I don't get enough, while the rest of the time I get far too much. Like now. It's Sunday. Any day that I don't need to be somewhere, I usually only wake at lunch time.  Mornings just don't happen to me. And I tend to spend such days lazing around in my pyjamas. Which may cause a hectic rush to find clothes when someone unexpectedly rings the doorbell. Yeah, I'm a slob.

3. TARDIS. By which I mean, tardiness. (But I wish my life involved TARDIS.)  I am often late for things.  Sometimes, it is because I wake up, and I lie there thinking about things.  Within about 10 seconds, the thinking turns into sleeping again. Whoops. I have a very leave-things-til-the-last-minute personality. It screws me over frequently with work, uni, home, friends, basically everything. I just can't seem to be productive unless I absolutely have to because this freaking assignment I got a month ago is due in 6 hours shitshitshitshitshit.

4. Love. Music. I sound like a cliche douche, but oh. Music is like no other.  I would (not so secretly) love to be a musician of at least vague proficiency. I am also one of those idiotic idealists that loves many, many things. I love you, world. Why, yes, I am a hopeless romantic. I am trying very hard to not become a creepy stalker as well.

5. Hate. I wrote Love for #4 so I could rant in #5. I somehow developed a very strong dislike of plastic cutlery. That's one thing that I wouldn't mind being harsh enough to use the word 'hate' for. And mosquitos. They are the reason I can never say 'I love all animals'. Also, I have a phobia of birds shitting on me as they fly over. True story.

6. Dream. I don't dream. Technically, I do dream, but I never remember them. I wonder if all the daydreaming makes up for that. Cos that happens all the time.  People have commented that I look stoned most of the time. I prefer the term 'out of it'.  Hey, I like thinking about things.  One of my favourite pastimes is to lie on my bed and just wander in my thoughts for a few hours.  So... my recommended career path is unemployment?

7. Yay.  I am such a child and I don't care.  I deal with life as it happens and don't really plan ahead.  I probably don't have my priorities straight when I'm watching a film instead of doing an assignment due tomorrow. Small things make me happy.  I like being silly.  Basically I am incapable of looking after myself and being a responsible, functioning adult. Yay.

Wow... that degenerated into mush fairly quickly. I think all you can learn from this is Rey = mush.

@ parts B and C of this meme: FU. Because I have less friends and less personality than that wanker that tagged me in the first place.

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