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Terry Lin

Recently, I discovered the Taiwanese singer 林志炫 and I love his clear, gentle tenor voice. Another guy showing me that a clear and light type of voice can still be emotive and powerful.
He's also taught me many things, mostly about singing.

1. His thoughts on using the range and clarity/stability of the falsetto voice mixed with the strength of the chest voice are exactly what I've been trying to improve in my own singing. And particularly, he talks about using breath/diaphragm more efficiently to support the high/extended notes rather than trying to force them with your throat, which is exactly what I've been trying to learn! I feel that he was worked very hard to achieve the mastery over his voice over such a wide range that he now has.

2. I was watching another singer expressing sadness/agony by deliberately letting his voice go rough and break a little, and scrunching his face a lot. I realised that Terry Lin doesn't do that. In fact he doesn't move his body around a lot while singing or make exaggerated facial expressions. He is able to convey so emotion with just his voice and how he connects with the music, while still keeping a clear and beautiful tone. He really puts his entire soul into the music via his voice and that's what I love about him. Of course, you also need the talent and mastery to do it, but this is something I aspire to. To express emotion and reach the audience purely through singing, without needing to act it out as well. It's a type of intensity completely different from the intensity I admire in rock bands such as Muse and Panic, which I never appreciated before.

3. It is great to fangirl over a Chinese singer because I can actually understand the interviews and such for once! Also he has the most baby face. Still can't believe he's 48 years old! I would have believed you if you told me he was in his late twenties D: Especially since he's been in showbiz for so long, which generally ages you more quickly. (It's my pet theory that ice skating has the opposite effect)

I first learned #1 from my absolute favourites Kalafina, but only now do I realise they also do #2 so well. It's probably part of why I love them so much, I just never thought about it.

EDIT: After watching so many videos of him, here are some more reasons I love him:
- His breath control is amazing. Not only can he hold long notes, and quiet notes, and belt, but at what I would expect to be the end of a big/long note, he can get more power out of seemingly nowhere!

- I really want to learn to do the inaudible breathing he does. Even when quickly taking in a big breath before a big note you can hardly hear it. And during normal verses, you can't even tell where he's breathing. I assume he is breathing.. surely even he can't sing continuously for that long, right. It really makes a huge difference to the seamless flow of the performance, and it's something I never paid much attention to before. (Wakana is very bad at this.. and so am I. Breathing in big audible gasps :( )

- He is such a pro. The way he sings is technically so difficult but he is such a master that he doesn't seem to strain at all, and all his lives are so consistent. And he sings with such emotion! And the falsetto/head voice - which I know now is actually difficult for guys to control. But he has such confidence over his whole range ahh I love him. Actually I really love the fact that, although he does have a naturally beautiful voice, considering natural talent alone, he isn't as amazing as many others. But combine that with the hard work and training and constantly trying to improve and taking care of his voice - he is probably one of the best singers I know.

- I also love his personality (a necessary part of fangirling). He's so humble and shy and a little awkward but also funny and dorky and self-deprecating. He's quiet and polite but also chatty and intelligent and has many thoughts about singing and music. And he loves singing and music so much - he only thinks of how to create the best performances and best songs, and doesn't care about fame or awards, only that there are people that appreciate his music. I'm so happy for him that he lives a life that lets him do that - create music for the love of it and not for profit or competition.

I love watching him on bai wan ge xing because firstly, regardless of where he is, he always sings 100% properly. Even in rehearsals or humming a tune, it's like he doesn't know how to sing half-heartedly. Apparently he kept making people cry when rehearsing during wo shi ge shou. And secondly, on bai wan ge xing, you can see that he does spend all his time singing because he really knows a lot of songs and can remember even the most difficult of lyrics. And can sing in different styles - he totally deserves his nickname of 'original singer killer', because his covers really are often better than the original.

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