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Oh how I've changed. I actually feel obliged to keep my stack of papers in some kind of order at work. It's mostly to avoid those embarrassing situations when I try to show my supervisor something I read and have to dig through piles of papers, scattering them all over the desk (and other people's desks >_>), trying to buy time by simultaneously attempting to explain what I am trying to find (and usually failing - the whole can't-multitask thing) and most likely shoving the intended paper across the desk because I can't remember the title.

So one day, I went and scavenged some folders from the 'free folders' pile. I took one because it came with relatively clean sheet protectors, and the other because it looked the most clean and working properly of the thinnish folders. I placed some printed images in the sheet protectors, and that was all good. I decided to holepunch my papers and put them in the other folder. That was when I realized that folder was a 3-ring binder. Actually, I realized after I'd holepunched half a dozen papers. Great. Well, I thought, I'd just move them to the other folder and swap the sheet protectors into the 3-ring binder, since they fit most kinds of normal ring binders. Including 4-ring binders, as I discovered that folder was. How did I manage to pick the two most annoying types of ring binder when it comes to holepunching? Well, probably because people had taken all the good stuff by the time I could be bothered to go down to rummage through the free folders pile, and also probably because I hadn't actually considered the number of rings in the folders.

After work that day, I went to Officeworks, determined to right these wrongs.
I spent most of the time picking up things that looked cool but were pretty useless in my situation (like a display folder that, instead of being ring-bound, had a strip of holes down the side like a sheet protector. it's cool! but pretty not very useful). I was also looking for folder dividers, even though now I'm not sure why since that doesn't do anything for my awkward number of rings in the folder problem. I ended up buying 25 manilla folders, in 5 different colours. I'm not sure if I actually need that many. Not much I do makes sense, really.

So papers get sorted into broad categories and go into the appropriate manilla folder. Yes, after a while I realized this doesn't really solve my problem either. I still have have to rummage through stacks of papers, they just happen to be stored better.

OK, so I need to narrow down the papers inside each folder into more specific categories. Bulldog clips! Paperclips! And paper! Yes, I got an A4 notepad just to use the paper to divide up my papers. Which works pretty well in conjunction with my paperclips. The bulldog clips added too much width to fit inside the manilla folders, so they are now a sculpture on my shelf.

Of course, all this still doesn't prevent me from being unable to find the appropriate paper when I need it. I just like to feel like I'm organized. The moral of the story is, Rey attempting to organize = FAIL. I was not meant to be anything but the laziest of slobs.


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Feb. 9th, 2011 12:33 pm (UTC)
I approve of your officeworks splurging. The last time I went I had to be physically stopped from buying a box of miniature clothespegs.
Nov. 10th, 2011 07:17 am (UTC)
Dear deleted comments:
As much as the lack of relevance to this post or journal amuses me, I felt obliged to protect the unwary from your dodgy pharmaceutical links. Kthxbai.
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